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Many Hong Kong people have an extremely busy work life that usually leave them feeling exhausted, weary at the end of a work day.

It is when a break is required, an escape to the outside world, just for a breather.

Here is where Kit Kat comes in. Kit Kat offers a break from the office work environment by connecting you to the world at large.

At the landing page of, there is ONE BUTTON. All you have to do is to click it. A window pops up and brings you to a different site where you will be touched, have a good laugh, be relaxed, be amazed or simply, just have fun.

In short, shut down your brain for that few moments.

From humor to lifestyle to entertainment, you will never know what you get every time you enter your break time.

So take a break and experience the myriad experiences in store for you at this delightful site.