Insights, Strategy and Idea

Nong's Flu Formula is an effective Chinese medicine when used within the first 4 hours of flu. However, the perception remains that Western medicine works better - a belief we aim to change by offering audiences a first-hand experience.
The message: 'Capture the Golden 4-Hours.'

Creative Execution

Television and print have always been a one-way communication medium. In today's digital age, we evolved these traditional mass medium into an innovative and interactive touch point by incorporating a QR code. Audience can scan the QR code on TVC instantly with smartphone, for a sample delivery to doorstep within 4 hours and more information online. While on print ad, consumer can receive a sample by mail by scanning its QR code. Plus online banners to drive consumer to register for trail on campaign site.

Results and Effectiveness

81% engagement, 4-fold sales increase compared to previous months, thrice as much sales compared to the same month in the previous year.