Everywhere around the world, people are working longer hours. As a result, we find ourselves with less time to spend with our loved ones. Solvil et Titus wanted to create a tool that not only reminded people not to neglect their loved ones, but that would also encourage us to spend more time nurturing our relationships.
As an extension of our ‘Time is Love’ campaign, we created ForgetMeNot! – an iPhone utility app that tracks, quantifies and rewards the time we spend with our friends and loved ones.
Once you and your partner have downloaded the app and synced your phones, ForgetMeNot! :
Tracks Your Time Together Tracks Your Time Apart Notifies You if You Have Been
Neglecting Someone
Tracks Your Accumulated Time Together
(all the times you have spent together)
Unlocks Rewards when you Achieve
Love Milestones
Shares Relationship Milestones and
Statuses with Your Networks