Case Video


In Hong Kong, young women are often embarrassed to speak to anyone about their Vaginal Yeast Infection. As the most trusted cure for the condition, Canesten wanted to help them understand the importance of speaking to a pharmacist so that they can get proper treatment on time.


Our goal was to break the taboo and get people talking openly about Vaginal Yeast Infection. So we teamed up with a record label to make a pop song about it. With the support of a professional singer and music industry pros, we created the song ‘No Itchy’, based on a classic love song ‘Nobody’ (words that sound very similar in Cantonese). We then launched the song exactly as if we were promoting a new record, teaming up with HMV, local radio stations and releasing it on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming apps. We also produced a karaoke version for Hong Kong’s largest Karaoke Box.