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In Hong Kong, Chinese New Year is the biggest celebration of the year. If you’re married, it’s also the most expensive. Custom demands that you hand out ‘Lai See’ - little red packets filled with cash. You give them to your kids, your friends’ kids, your neighbours’ kids, your unmarried friends and cousins, doormen, vague acquaintances and perhaps most expensively of all, colleagues.


Wanna Travel, one of Hong Kong’s largest travel agents, gave people a chance to escape this expense. Simply log in with your Facebook account and it will scan your friends and see how many are unmarried. You put in the average amount you’ll put in each red packet and it will calculate the total amount you’re going to spend this year. It will then show you which destinations you could fly off to for the same amount or less.


During the promotion period, the page had an average of over 600 visitors a day, helping to increase sales by 23% compared to the previous year.